Gasfitting and Installations

Stuart Scott Plumbing offers a premium gasfitting and installation service at a fair price to the suburbs of Northern Melbourne.

What gasfitting services are provided?

Stuart Scott Plumbing can install new gas pipes and extend existing gas supply pipes for any type of gas reliant product or service. Extra gas bayonets can be installed for gas heaters, and we also install gas appliances such as hot water heaters, gas ovens and have much experience in connecting Barbeques to natural gas. No more gas bottles!

Why should you engage a licensed plumber to install gas products?

It is law in Victoria that all gas applicances, gaspiping, gasmeters and related materials be fitted and installed by a licensed plumber/gasfitter. It is essential that you engage a licensed professional to install such services to avoid the obvious dangers such as gasleaks, fire and explosions.

Contact Stuart Scott Plumbing should you have any gasfitting or installation requirements. Stuart can consult with you over the phone and onsite to determine the best solution for your new product installation.