Blocked Stormwater

Blocked Stormwater is major concern and has the potential to cause flooding within a business or home. However, it can be easily fixed and fortunately Stuart Scott Plumbing have over 20 years of experience in clearing stormwater drains.

What are the common causes of Stormwater drain blockages?

The main cause is tree root growing and cracking through PVC piping. The roots can than continue to grow along the drain and cause a near complete blockage if left unattended. Unfortunately, most people only become aware of such a blockage during heavy rain which can cause flooding and ruin gardens.

How to fix blocked stormwater drains?

The most common method of clearing stormwater drains is to utilise a drain camera to identify the site of a problem, the drain can then be ‘jetted’ using a high powered water jetter to clear debris , slush and tree roots. Quite often following this process a dig up may be required around the offending area. This will provide the opportunity to repair the broken pipe and install capping or cut away tree roots to prevent future blockages.

Stuart Scott Plumbing has the ability to carry out all of the activities outlined above through Scott’s Drain Care and Repair (a subsidiary of Stuart Scott Plumbing Pty Ltd. By using the latest equipment we are able to video and record the investigation and provide you with a full report prior to conducting any jetting, clearing or dig ups (if required).

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